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Scriptural Analysis of Mormon Teachings

This is the start of a new section on this site which will continue to grow and add more articles as time permits. On this page, we will review a number of the key doctrines of Mormonism, and provide answers to questions which have been asked by Mormons.

Comparison of Mormon and Christian Teachings

This is a very brief overview of the teachings of Mormonism and Christianity with references to the Bible and to Mormon teachings. Is is not by any means complete nor intended to be but is intended to provide a brief overview for those who may not have familiarity with Mormonism or a quick reference guide on basic doctrine for those who may need a quick reference when dealing with Mormons. Other good sources for more detailed information are referenced below.


Other charts providing comparisons between Christian and Mormon teachings can be found here:

Also, you can watch the  Bible vs the Book of Mormon video on-line. The video can be obtained free of charge if you are a Mormon. Click here if you are a Mormon.


Does Mormonism Teach a Belief in Three Gods?


After this chart was published, a former Mormon missionary challenged what this chart stated regarding whether Mormons teach that the father, Son and Holy Spirit are three separate gods. This page provides additional information, and evidence of the fact that this is in fact Mormon teaching, clearly and specifically stated by Joseph Smith


The Book of Abraham Exposed

The Book of Abraham, claimed by the LDS Church as scripture, has long been known to have in fact been created from an ancient papyrus (which still exists) which describes ancient Egyptian funeral rights. The document is known as a book of breathings, and was neither written by or during the time of Abraham, nor does it have any connection with Abraham. This page provides additional resources regarding the history and facts surrounding this document.

There is also a free on-line video available on this page.

The Standard of Truth

We all need to decide the basis upon which we will determine what is right and what is wrong. This is more important than what we currently believe because if we are in the wrong, but have the right standard, it will guide us towards the truth. If we are using the wrong standard, then even if we are currently sound in our beliefs, we are at risk of being led astray into false doctrine. What we choose as our standard of truth is absolutely critical.

Who Is Jesus?

This is a concise description, from scripture regarding the truth of who Jesus is and the gospel, taken directly from the Bible, with references to the Bible. Use this to compare what the Bible says to the Mormon position regarding Jesus.

What or Who is an "Anti-Mormon"?

If you spend any time researching Mormon apologetics, or discussing doctrine with a Mormon missionary or apologist, sooner or later you are likely to hear those that disagree with them called "Anti-Mormons". What do they mean by this and are they properly using this terminology, or is this in fact an attempt to distract from the merits of the positions put forward by Christian authors and apologists?

The following are questions asked of me by a Mormon during a debate, along with an overview of my response.

How could Eden be in Missouri as Joseph Smith claimed, when the Bible says the Garden of Eden bordered the Euphrates River? (Genesis 2:14)

Mormonism teaches that the garden of Eden is located in Springhill, Missouri, and that this is the area where the New Jerusalem will come down. How does this align with what the Bible says?

How can Jesus be sitting at the right hand of God if Jesus and God are the same being?

This is a question that was put by a Mormon, trying to understand how the Father and the Son could both be members of the trinity, the one true God, while Jesus is shown in scripture to sit at the right hand of the Father.

How is it possible for Christ to sit on His Father's throne? (Revelation 3:21)?

This question, put forward by a Mormon is similar in intent to the previous question, and again probes the nature of the trinity.

How it is possible that a being can sacrifice to Himself?

The Bible tells us that Jesus was a sacrifice presented on the cross for our sins. Mormonism teaches that though Jesus is a god, He is not the one true God. They teach that the trinity is not one being, but three gods in one purpose. Thus they question how one being can sacrifice to Himself. We examine this question from scripture.

How Can a Being Mediate with Himself?

The Bible tells us that Jesus is the one and only mediator between man and God. One Mormon asked how is it possible for a being to mediate with Himself. This document provides a Bible based answer to that question.

How Can God be dependent upon Himself?

The Bible tells us that Jesus was wholly submitted to and obedient to God the Father while he walked the earth. One Mormon asked how this is possible, if indeed Jesus is God. This document provides the answer from scripture.

Additional Resources


One Nation Under Gods

An excellent resource book for those who wish to gain a good insight into the history or the Mormon Church. Highly Recommended.


By His Own Hand Upon Papyrus

This is the story of the Book of Abraham from start to finish. Highly recommended for those who want the detailed history and facts surrounding this book and the players involved in the controversy. The book may be read on-line:

By His Own Hand Upon Papyrus : A New Look at the Joseph Smith Papyri


Reasoning from the Scriptures with Mormons

DNA vs The Book of Mormon Video

Also, check out the videos available from Living Hope Ministries, especially the DNA vs The Book of Mormon Video. This is one of the most important videos in the history of Mormonism and shows absolute proof that the book of Mormon is false. Living Hope Ministries makes this video available on-line, as well as in tapes which are free to Mormons or available at very low cost to those who wish to make this important information available to Mormons.

Details and background information regarding those involved in the DNA movie may be found here.

The Bible vs The Book of Mormon Video

This is another video from Living Hope Ministries. This video compares the claims of Mormonism to the facts of what has been found in South America, Israel and on Hill Cumorah (The only site that we are aware of which has been identified by the Mormon Church as a specific historic site from the Book of Mormon). This videos includes interviews with LDS Anthropologists and leading archeologists.

The video can be ordered here or can be obtained free of charge if you are a Mormon. Click here if you are a Mormon.

The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon

Also, you can watch the video on-line.

Lifting the Veil of Polygamy Video

There has been a great deal on the news lately about the rescue of 400 children who were abused or considered at risk of abuse from a Mormon (FLDS) community). This video from Living Hope Ministries provides a great deal of background information regarding this polygamous group. This video is highly recommended.

The video can be viewed here.

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