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Hello, and welcome to my homepage. Please take a few minutes to look around. Hopefully you will find something of interest. Comments are always appreciated!!

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Computer Virus Information

A list of links to a variety of authoritative virus information sources, which separate the real from the hoaxes that are circulating so readily these days.

  1. Christian Resources/Bookstore/Library
  2. Information on Holy Laughter/Brownsville Revival Movement

    Holy Laught/Toronto Blessing Research Information

  3. Rapture Series by Andy Allison
  4. Christian Alerts
  5. Is the Church Really Israel? A Study of Romans 11 as it relates to the church and Israel.
  6. Unity and Division in the Church
  7. Transformations or Deception? An investigation into the reality of the claims made in the "Transformations" video release by George Otis Jr. and the Sentinel Group.
  8. Judge Not? What Does Scripture Say about Judging?
  9. How do We Discern the True from the Counterfeit? - A Guide to Testing the Spirits
  10. Science and Creation

  11. Scriptural Analysis of Jehovah's Witnesses Doctrines

  12. Scriptural Analysis of Mormon Doctrines

  13. Scriptural Analysis of Roman Catholic Doctrines
  14. Who Is Jesus? What Does Scripture Say?
  15. What is Our Standard of Truth?
On-Line Christian Bookstore and Library
Transformations or Deception?

  • An investigation into the reality of the claims made in the "Transformations" video release by George Otis Jr. and the Sentinel Group.
  • Student Work Experience Programs for Homeschoolers

  • How to create an opportunity for your kids that help to give them a headstart in the preparing for entering the workforce.
  • Ham Radio Links

    Other Links of Interest

    Todays Berean

    This website maintained by my daughter was designed for bible believing christians who are are tired of being isolated from other true believers, and of hearing watered-down messages preached from todays popular books, rather than the Bible.

    The Trumpet Call

  • This is a publication of a local ministry to the Jews, Beth Tanch. The first issue for 2001 "THE TRINITY" has been published and in now available here. We plan to expand this site to include links to other publications of Beth Tanach and the Christian Friends of Israel.
  • Issue #1: The Trinity

  • Issue #2: Is Jesus God?

  • Issue #3: The Angel of the Lord?

  • Issue #4: Signs and Wonders

  • Moriel - Ministry of Jacob Prasch

    This website provides some very interesting information and insights from a Jewish perspective. Jacob Prasch is a Jewish Christian.

    Free On-Line Courses, Training and Certification

    Numerous resources, learning opportunities, courses, etc., covering virtually any topic.

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