Christian Reconciliation Ministries

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PLEASE READ: If you or your church is currently or has been involved with a Christian Reconciliation Ministry, please contact us.

We are interested in finding out more about what was done, the approach, and the results. For example, some questions that we might have are:

- Which ministry did you use?


- What methods and processes did they use? (i.e. Assessment and analysis, seminars for leadership and/or congregation, temporary replacement of pastor and/or board, etc.)


- Was there a split in the congregation (i.e. did some people leave or split into a separate congregation) before, during or after? If so, why?


- Did you stay or leave before, during or after? If so, why?


- Were there any doctrinal, structural or cultural changes in the church as a result of this activity? If so, please provide details.


- Any other details that you feel may be relevant.

If you were not personally involved, but you know someone who would be interested in speaking with us about this, please feel free to pass along this information to them, or if you have received their agreement first, feel free to pass along their contact information to us.


CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT: We will respect all requests for keeping personal identities confidential.