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If you have been on this site before, you will notice some changes to the site. This is part of what will be an on-going effort to improve the appearance of the site, as well as to provide improved access to the latest information and to expand the types of information is available. We are also trying to make the site more user friendly. Bear with us - this is an on-going exercise.

The purposes of this site are:

  1. To provide a witness of the truth of Jesus Christ and the true gospel to those who may not have heard the gospel before and to those who may currently have been deceived by erroneous teachings.                                                                       
  2. To provide information for Christians on the new movements that we see frequently in the church these days so that they have some help in discerning the true from the false.
  3. Encourage Christians to be as Bereans and to test everything by searching the scriptures daily to see if these things are true (Acts 17:10-11). In this regard, we do not believe that anyone is above such testing and would encourage those who are using this site to check out what we say and see for yourself if what we say is true.

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The Great Dilemma of the Church

In this talk, we are presented with three keys to keeping churches sounds and three keys which can be used to identify false teaching and false movements which are trying to take the church down a different path contrary to God's word. We are also presented with practical steps to take to keep churches sound so that they can remain focus on the true Gospel and be a beacon of that truth in a world where too many churches are falling for the principles of success which guide the world.

Cult of the Church

We see so much false teaching in the church today, and so much which causes us to take our focus away from the truth of the pure simple gospel of Jesus. How did we get to this point? What are the roots of the apostasy that we see in the church today? Knowing the roots helps us a great deal in understanding the objectives of the movement and how to strengthen the churches to resist the influences of the movement, which often have already entered the church and grown roots before we know what is happening.

Is Jesus Coming Again?

A comparison of what scripture tells us about the second coming of Christ versus the claims of Preterism, which teaches that all prophecy was fulfilled by 70AD and that this is as good as it gets because Jesus is not coming back. Also check out the written article on on the same topic, Is Jesus Coming Again?

Is God Finished with Israel?

Replacement theology claims that the Church has replaced Israel and that God is finished with Israel. Some go so far as to say that God is finished with Jews as individuals and that there is no hope for them. But what does scripture say? This is a scriptural examination refuting these false claims, centered around what the Apostle Paul taught specifically on this topic in Romans Chapter 11. Also Check out a related written article, Is the Church Really Israel?

Revival, Apostles and the Global Church

There is a growing movement in the church today which goes by various names, such as the New Apostolic Reformation, The Apostolic Movement, The Prophetic Movement and others, largely based around the movement started by C. Peter Wagner, which also includes the Laughter Movement and the Church Growth movement. What is this movement? Where is it taking us?

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